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Three Phase Inverter Manufacturer

Lento which is a Lift Backup System Manufacturer & Three Phase Inverter Manufacturer is driven by innovative work however with a distinction. Around here at Lento the emphasis is on bridling force of R&D to foster inventive, future-confirmation items that are lined up with business sectors and necessities of end clients. A gathering of youthful technocrats with this normal philosophy got together and along these lines was conceived lento, an organization gaining practical experience in Power Electronics and Energy Efficiency. Today Lento has made considerable progress from its unassuming beginnings as Three Phase Inverter Manufacturer & Lift Backup System Manufacturer and our R&D powers assembling of advance innovations base item that incorporates Inverters, Online UPS and static UPS, Automatic Lift Backup System, (ALBS), Solar Power Equipment’s, LED lights and BLDC engine application-based items.

Special Features about Our Products

-The ESS arrangements can expand self-utilization by putting away unnecessary energy in the battery and proceed as reinforcement power, offering persistent force supply if there should arise an occurrence of matrix blackout. Also, charging from the framework during off-top and releasing at pinnacle can be productive.

-With an expanding number of private frameworks interface with Virtual Power Plant (VPP) organizations, the arrangements are viable with various gadgets, helping the clients from VPP plans of action right away.

-Given the module plan, the arrangements include an adaptable broad limit and the wide force range empowers adaptable designs for various housetops.

-The battery has a wide scope of 9.6-102.4kWh, while the three-stage half breed inverter can work among 5-50kW. The minimized plan makes the battery volume decreased by 70% and the module play configuration, guarantees not any more additional apparatuses required. Above all, with all data coordinated into one application, clients can snap to instate both inverter and battery, authorizing consequently and deal with the plant yield ideal.

For the framework organizer, greatest adaptability is guaranteed on account of a wide info voltage scope of 200 – 1000 V and 2 MPP trackers (no string wires required). The new unit is viable with significant kinds of PV modules and the vigorous IP66 appraised nook permits outside establishment. Coordinated Wi-Fi for associating with a cell phone or a web switch.

Progressed highlights incorporate bend issue and opposite extremity assurance, Anti-PID include, receptive force remuneration all day, every day, just as information point assortment for string observing and I-V bend creation.

The lightweight and minimized plan of the M15A Flex incredibly works on establishment. The inverters incorporate a remarkable divider mount section in the extent of conveyance, permitting the units to be effortlessly introduced on an assortment of divider surfaces.

The majority of the PV frameworks in Australia are limited scale private, and progressively, business roof establishments. The recently presented ESS arrangements, which are versatile for different situations both in expanding the public take-up of sun oriented and cutting the power bills for end clients, are the best match to the market.

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