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Lead Acid Sealed Tubular Batteries Manufacturer

Lento’s advanced line of affordable solar chargers are compact, ruggedized for operation in extreme weather conditions and are designed for durability. This line of solar chargers are designed to work in standalone solar power systems where they form an essential link between the SPV modules and the battery. Our solar chargers play a crucial role in maintaining battery health, better efficiency and improved performance.

Lento is driven by innovative work however with a distinction. Around here at Lento we are Lead Acid Sealed Tubular Batteries Manufacturer and our emphasis is on bridling force of R&D to foster inventive, future-confirmation items that are lined up with business sectors and necessities of end clients. A gathering of youthful technocrats with this normal philosophy got together and along these lines was conceived lento, an organization gaining practical experience in Power Electronics and Energy Efficiency.

Today Lento has made considerable progress as we are popular Lead Acid Sealed Tubular Batteries Manufacturer and from unassuming beginnings and our R&D powers assembling of advance innovations base item that incorporates Inverters, Online UPS and static UPS, Automatic Lift Backup System, (ALBS), Solar Power Equipment’s, LED lights and BLDC engine application-based items.

We focus to maintain quality- Our main focus on:-

  • ● We are trustable Lead Acid Sealed Tubular Batteries Manufacturer
  • ● We focus to be best Lead Acid Sealed Tubular Batteries Supplier around.
  • ● Our motive to be best Lead Acid Sealed Tubular Batteries Exporter.

Our Development Strategy

  • ● By development strategy, it is portioned into overflowed and valve directed lead corrosive (VRLA) of which VRLA involves the significant market because of its more productive development and easy to use usefulness.
  • ● By deals channel it is arranged into Original Equipment Market (OEM) and secondary selling, of which post-retail possesses the greater part market because of popularity of after deals administration.

At last, by application it is separated into transportation, modern thought process, fixed modern, private, business and lattice stockpiling out of which fixed modern involves the significant market because of its shifted uses of force back up, crisis lighting, rail route reinforcement frameworks, security frameworks, environmentally friendly power frameworks, and so on

Asia-Pacific is the biggest patron with 43.71% worth offer in 2020 in the Global Lead Acid Battery Market. China is the biggest contributing country in the area with 43.25% offer in 2020, trailed by India, Japan and South Korea. Developing industrialization and auto upgrade in China are adding to the nation’s driving business sector position.

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