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Pure Sine Wave Inverter Manufacturer

In associations where USP units are conveyed for an enormous scope it becomes important to screen and assess their presentation. This isn’t useful whenever done physically. Lento’s creative GSM and SNMP add on arrangements deal with this issue. The framework permits remote checking of USP through LAN and Internet. Incorporated remote observing can follow execution of every unit, keep up with logs just as distinguish shortcoming. As well as diminishing reliance on HR this arrangement additionally permits directors to permit PCs to sleep before an UPS is closed down for upkeep and consequently protect important information.

Lento DSP sine wave online UPS include an abundance of advance provisions. Intended for use with costly basic gadgets instrumentation, these UPS frameworks have a large group of wellbeing controls to guarantee your gadgets are constantly ensured. Lento DSP online UPS performs very well in the event of mains disappointment, detecting of voltage vacillations and programmed switchover, lighting monitor, electrostatic insurance, overvoltage and over-burden assurance, impede and low battery security. Lento DSP UPS are arranged to be consistently dynamic when force fizzles. Simultaneously, the batteries are kept continually charged through a checking circuit to guarantee their life span. DSP Pure Sine Wave Inverter Manufacturer are favored particularly when they are Lento with ensured recurrence and voltage control alongside inbuilt assurance highlights.

Lento is Pure Sine Wave Inverter Manufacturer which low-recurrence series online UPS satisfies basic industry guidelines with its condition of workmanship advanced knowledge online UPS advances with the best force factor rating and reliably solid execution all day every day.

Provide Elite Quality DSP Based UPS Service

  • • We are perceived as the Pure Sine Wave Inverter Manufacturer and premier maker, exporter and provider of an elite quality exhibit of DSP based UPS series.
  • • Uncommonly intended for little server farms and basic burden apparatuses, this reach is made utilizing ideal quality factor inputs. Also, it is made by specialists that thoroughly investigate this reach on different boundaries of value.
  • • Accessible in different specialized details this item can likewise be altered as per inclinations laid by our benefactors.

Lento has been an image of trust and quality in Lead Acid Manufacturing for quite a long time making it a pioneer in the battery producing industry. It delivers a wide scope of batteries, reasonable for a wide range of utilization, with an exceptionally assorted item class viz. Cylindrical Battery-Inverter Battery and Solar Battery, SMF Battery, E-Rickshaw Battery, Lithium and EV charging arrangements. It is the sole producer of 100% Tubular Batteries, which is considered as best for power back up needs, utilized both in Inverter and Solar Batteries. The batteries produced are eco-accommodating.

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